A month in to a new life…

Well a little bit more than a month, but you get the idea, no more timetables or commuting, no more bells.. no more teaching. And how’s it been? It’s been great!

The flexibility has been amazing. Not having to book time off for hospital appointments has been a revelation! I’ve also found that it suits me much better to exercise in the mornings, I just to have more energy and more importantly motivation. A cycle or run in the morning sets me up well for the day. I have been reading some interesting stuff about the benefits of being a weekend warrior vs exercising throughout the week. So am going to try and combine the two styles to see if I can perceive any difference.

So any downsides to working from home? Yes. A biggie! The temptation to snack is huge! I find myself going for walks regularly to keep active through the day……..and I somehow keep ending up in the coop! Ahh well I’m sure I will get on top of it.

Spending a lot of time marching to the beat of my own drum has also given me a lot of time to reflect on recent events in my life and focus on what’s important. Trying to answer the questions what makes me happy? What do I want out of my life? And actually having the time to spend thinking about it has been really good for me. I’ve always dealt with the rough stuff by putting it in a box and burying it under being busy. I realised that I have been pushing myself to get back to work and progress with my career without actually understanding why. Having some time away from that cycle has allowed me to think about improving my lifestyle in other ways. Less stress, more exercise, more laughter for me and the people in my bubble.

Now I just need to stay away from those bloody cookies!

2 thoughts on “A month in to a new life…

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  1. A massive step in the right direction to have a job that is far less stressful. One step at a time! Celebrate it….with a cookie! 😁


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