Easter eggs and family holidays

I’ve avoided them completely. Ok nearly…. a couple of creme eggs doesn’t count does it? My quest to eat better, do more exercise and generally be healthier and happier has overcome the seasonal challenge that is Easter! Fantastic I thought, my last Easter holiday as a teacher, two weeks to get out as much as possible on my bike and eat healthy. Sort of get the jump on becoming a home worker!

First week went well, some really nice rides out and not not too bad on the eating front. Then the second week….. I took my little boy to Plymouth to stay with my family. An awesome week, we have been blessed with the weather! Done loads of cool things, been outside as much as possible and I’ve even managed to sneak in a few runs and a couple of cycles! So what could of possibly gone wrong?? The combination of ‘I’m on holiday!’ And ‘I’ve been for a run’ have made me believe that I can definitely have burger and chips for lunch, and I fully deserve that huge slice of cake!

Oh well at least my fitness levels are improving and I’m getting quicker going up hills!

I have also found out recently that my autoimmune disease seems to be in a dormant phase and I’m currently not being medicated for that. I’m going to try and see if diet and exercise can keep that going as one (or three or four!) less pills to take in the morning would be ace!

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