Ebikes and mornings…..

An ‘ebike’ is an electric bicycle. To be more specific it’s a pedal-assist bike, so when you pedal a 250-watt motor assists you. this means its much, much easier to ride uphill. I do not own an ebike, I have a regular mountain bike.

Why is this relevant? well, I went on a group ride with a bunch of guys from the Notts Outlaws MTB group on Saturday. We were riding Cannock chase, which is a trail centre I know reasonably well. I arrive to find……I’m the only one without an ebike…… OK, no worries I’m sure they aren’t THAT fast…. I was wrong. They are.
I was last up every single hill, apart from one really technical one. On the flat, I was working much harder to keep the pace, although I was holding my own on the downhills where the ebikes are less of an advantage.

So I get to the end of the ride, feeling slightly (a lot) shattered, I’d been working hard to try and keep up. I track my rides using Strava and to my surprise, I had set over 30 personal bests. I had actually beaten uphill times that I had set ‘pre-cancer’ (or at least my most recent bout) and not just by a little bit but smashed them. This felt good! I have been getting out on a road bike recently and I think this is starting to pay off.

I have also been trying to run in the mornings before work as I seem to be waking up at 5amish, regardless of bedtime! I am really enjoying this peaceful time now that the mornings are getting a little lighter.  My sleep patterns have been really erratic recently and I have struggled to get anywhere near a good amount of sleep, but I think I’m coming out the other side of this and will share my thoughts and readings on sleep next time.haibike_my18_xduro_allmtn_9-0_seite_links_01

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