Night rides and burnout

I’m going to be honest, 2017 sucked. A lot. There were good bits of course but by and large it was a really tough year. Cancer and a divorce in the same twelve months isn’t a lot of fun!

So 2018 is gonna be the best year ever! Right? Ummmmm………

Well it turns out it’s a lot tougher coming back from illness than I remembered (maybe I’m getting old!) I seem to get every cold under the sun and they knock me for six. But I’m still trying! My running times haven’t improved much…yet…. And I’m yet to put in that epic, bucket list bike ride, but I’m building up to it!

I’m also slowly getting my affairs together personally. Slowly. And I’ve realised that this has been having much more of an effect on me than I had thought. I’ve been living with a large amount of stress for a long time what with one thing or another. This week the effect on me has been very much on my mind. I have always considered myself very good at compartmentalising and carrying on like nothing ever bothers me, but I’m human and stuff does. I have just this evening read a really interesting article about stress and burnout. Do I think I’m burnt out completely? No, I don’t. Do I think I exhibit some of those traits? Hell yes! So I am really excited to be changing a few things in my life, and really happy to have made a few massive changes.

I was reminded of how good I feel after a ride or run though, especially with others. I went for a night ride with a good mate this week and although we only covered about 5 miles in the woods (and we both fell off!) I felt much better afterwards mentally, and probably physically but I have been suffering with a ‘half term cold’

So riding does appear to be really good for the soul. Best get on and do more of it I suppose….

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