What a week…..

This week (well fortnight really) has been CRAZY. I have had loads of changes going on with work, family stuff etc and I will be really glad to get to the weekend.
I have managed to secure a new job that will start after Easter that will be home based! So I will be really keen to see how that will impact on my exercise levels and food choices. I really hope it will be all positive, and I can’t wait to start doing it! I am aware though that working from home will bring some different challenges; notably, working on my own all day. I am very used to being surrounded by other people all day and chatting to my co-workers is very much part of working life. I’m sure I’ll find ways of dealing with it all though and am genuinely excited about the prospect of a career change.

So all this change and stress has had an interesting effect on my lifestyle for the past few weeks. I’ve noticed that I’ve been fancying running more than cycling for exercise; a half hour jog seems to clear my head a lot more than an hour bike ride followed by all the clean up afterward. So I have been trying to get out at least three times a week. I have also been noticing I have been justifying snacks to myself a lot more…. as I have previously mentioned I am a horrendous comfort eater! And although I never actually get any satisfaction from snacking, it’s proving difficult to reprogramme my brain! In the style of Prof Steven Peters, my ‘chimp’ is taking control. (I am currently reading his book, The Chimp Paradox, which was recommended to me and is very thought-provoking)

So, in summary, I have been pretty stressed, eaten too much rubbish, got a new job and realised that my brain is sabotaging me. Should be easy to sort out………

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  1. Adam, i too am still on the dorment regime also i am not that keen on the cold depths of winter and the huge clean up after just a few miles. I will alsobe surfacing soon.

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