Hitting a wall

Today I hit a wall. Not literally hit an actual wall, I believe the technical thing is depleting glucose and glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. Also known as ‘bonking’…..

It wasn’t that bad, I haven’t ‘bonked’ really hard for a few years… I just got a bit quiet and was absolutely shattered. Unfortunately this wasn’t after a huge mammoth ride being out for hours and hours, this was after a 10 mile ride round the local woods with a couple of people. And to add insult to injury someone (who actually does know about these things!) suggested a take a few sweets to carry in my pocket out with me. Ah well lesson learned. Sweets = good.

Anyway, I manage to drag my broken self back to the car (not being dramatic at all) get changed and crawled into the cafe for a mug of tea… the lads wanted bacon cobs and they smelt so so good. So I gave in. I had a massive white, floury roll with bacon and a sausage in. It was delicious. Like seriously good. But! I’ve not eaten bread for a few weeks now, and I’ve spend the rest of the day feeling seriously bloated and sluggish. Which is quite unusual for me.

So there is definitely something in this giving up bread. I’m going to learn my lesson and stick to sweets.

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