My names Adam and I’m a comfort eater…

I may have alluded to the fact that I’m a comfort eater, it’s true. It’s a definite flaw in my character but I’m aware of it and by and large I manage it. Except today…..

I needed to get something for dinner so I popped to Sainsbury’s on the way back from work. Got some milk, managed to avoid the cookies and cakes. It’s just me for dinner this eve so I’ll just bang a pizza in the oven, why not I’m crazy busy at work and have a load to do this evening. If I’m having a pizza I may as well get a little chocolate whilst I’m at it…. except the 4 pack of boosts is better value than just one 😭

I think you can put the rest of the picture together. Whilst sat at the kitchen table working I’ve managed to consume enough calories to power a small city! Oh well. It was a damn fine pizza!

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