Nearly the end of month 1…..

OK, here we are. Almost at the end of the first month of the year. The time that gyms traditionally start emptying and people give up on fad diets and return to takeaways and convenience food.  So what have I done? I’ve just given up bread….. and it’s not actually been that hard to do, it’s actually been really easy. Do I feel magically better? Not yet. Have I lost weight? Nope. But I do I find meals (especially lunch) a bit less ‘stodgey’? Well yes, I do actually.  If you are struggling to give up bread completely it is definitely the case that all breads are not equal! This rather nice article sums up quite nicely the best bread to pick. My quick summary is that it’s better to go for wholegrain or sourdough and avoid white except for bacon butties of course………..

So I’m going to continue not eating bread and move onto the next area… pasta! I eat quite a lot of pasta. I’m a big guy, I like eating and I can be a touch mard-eh when hungry. Pasta fills me up and I like batch cooking and having leftovers for lunch. So out with the white pasta and in with the wholemeal. Ditto for rice!

A lot of this has been brought on by trying to make sure my little boy eats well. He is quite a fussy eater, rarely eats meat at home, but is happy to eat fruit. In doing a little reading I came across some very good tips that I am going to try and make sure I adhere to.

  1. Get a fruit bowl
    Having fruit easily accessible means I’m more likely to eat it instead of ‘bad things’
  2. Use mindless eating better!
    I will often like to snack on stuff whilst just watching the TV of an evening. If I have chopped up fruit/veg and a fruit bowl, I can hopefully reduce the amount of chocolatey, refined sugery, treats I eat.
  3. Say the right things
    I am really guilty of this…” I’ll have the salad. Its healthier” health is a long-term motivator and I’m actually pretty good at living in the moment (I think this and a lot of ‘mindfulness’ has really helped me at dealing with illness) so instead its much better to say “that salad looks delicious” or “this pasta is much more filling/goes better with this sauce”

In other news, I managed to get for a bike ride at the weekend with a great bloke called Dave, who showed me that there is a huge amount of riding to be done in my local area. So longer evenings will lead to more exploration!

And I may have made friends with a four-legged riding partner… more of that to follow!

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