Food, Glorious food

I have been really amazed at the responses I have received to sharing this journey.  I have had messages of support from so many people that I haven’t met before; I have had others keen to organise bike rides with me, and many friends have taken the time to not only read what I’m writing but also reply and respond and try to help.

One person, in particular, has sent me a huge amount of information relating to the Auto Immune Protocol diet (AIP) No gluten, no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar, and no alcohol…….. so no chocolate, no tea, no beer. Now, this seems really harsh, and to be honest I’m not sure that this is the right time for me personally to be going without all those things (I am a bit of a comfort eater….) That said I need to make some changes. So I’m going to give up bread. And crumpets. And teacakes. And white pasta. Fingers crossed!

Something else that has really caught my interest is Epigenetics. As I understand it, the principle here is that we can actually make additions (tags of methyl groups) to our genetic code that will highlight certain parts of our DNA and tell our cells to process them differently. There are many things that can cause these additions but a couple that have caught my eye are BPA and exercise. Now BPA is pretty well known as a plastic additive to avoid anyway, most drinks bottles etc are ‘BPA free’ but I never realised that it could actually cause changes to your DNA, as well as being linked to cancer.
OK, but I’m already ‘BPA free’, I’m wanting to IMPROVE my health. I stumbled across an article that suggests that exercise actually changes the pattern of epigenetic marks in muscle and fatty tissue.

So exercise is ‘IN’ and bread is ‘OUT’

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