A flying start……!

So I start blogging about how I’m going to do all this good stuff: eat well, exercise loads, lose weight etc. Then I wake up and feel rubbish. As in no energy, struggle to get out of bed kind of rubbish. Frustrating, but it happens. I have an autoimmune disease and have recentlyish finished chemo. It happens. I take a day off, all should be back to normal. Back to work the following day, okish. Then boom! Two days following feeling rubbish again. At least I can’t eat work biscuits….. but it was my birthday this week and someone gave me a kilogram bar of chocolate. Which was lovely of them and I really appreciate it, as I love chocolate! But I love it too much….must resist!!

So this week I’ve struggled to hit my step target and eaten too much most days. But today I felt better, went for a cycle with my little boy on the back and have walked enough steps that my Fitbit is happy.

On the positive I have had some really lovely responses to doing all this blogging and I’m hoping it might be of use to a few people other than just me! There’s also a few cycle rides planned off the back of it which is excellent.

So here’s to the week ahead. Back on it with the exercise hopefully. And some reading around what to eat as ‘apparently’ you can’t live on chocolate alone…..

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