I work at a school. We have a wonderful lady who makes tea at break time and brings biscuits in (there is a kitty). She is like an angel when you are having a rough morning.

Great I hear you say, what could possibly be the issue with that?

WILL POWER or lack there of! If I don’t have any biscuits at all I’m fine no worries at all. However if just one custard cream should pass my lips….then bam! Next thing I know I’ve eaten so many biscuits that I need another cup of tea.

The struggle is real. I’m very much the sort of person who can’t have ‘just one’ it’s much more like ‘just one pack’.

Throw in a parents evening and a couple of days feeling pretty ropey energy wise, and I think this week I’m single handedly keeping mcvities in business!

And don’t even get me started on cake………

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