So I borrowed a Fitbit….here are my top five tips

It’s my sisters. It’s purple. But I’m ok with that. I think it looks ok with my suit for work!

Since I’ve been wearing it I’ve been reading up about how to use them effectively and I’ve come up with my top five tips…

1. Set targets

Sounds obvious but setting a daily target and actually trying to achieve it has been helping me out a lot. I’ve found myself jogging on the spot whilst doing the washing up to try and hit 10000 steps a day! However make sure it’s actually achievable. It’s much better for motivation to smash your target for a week or two and then up it. I’d soon get fed up of only ever getting 70%

2. Wear it all the time

My phone has a step counter built in so I don’t need a tracker…… or so I thought. I have been amazed at the number of steps I’ve been taking just doing stuff around the house. There has often been a 3/4000 difference between steps recorded on my phone and my Fitbit. Which has left me feeling a lot more positive about things

3. Don’t believe the calories burnt

I seem to burn a HUGE amount of calories per day. Therefore I can eat a huge of calories….. ummmmm nope! There is a very large margin for error on these. A study from Iowa State University has found that there is often a 15% to 30% margin for error in calories. Step away from the extra cake!

4. Link it with other apps

I use strava to record my cycling and running. Having my Fitbit link with strava allows me to hit my targets for activity on my Fitbit.

5. Remember it’s just a tool

Unfortunately I quickly found out that just having the thing strapped to my wrist didn’t magically make me fitter/lighter/more attractive. I have to actually get out there and do stuff for it to be recorded!

So far I have found it really motivating for keeping me moving, especially whilst I’m at work. I really like seeing that I have done at least 250 steps each hour. So despite it being purple, sorry Becca you might not get it back anytime soon!

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