One year on…

Ok. Deep breath. Let’s get started.

I’m 35, a Dad to an amazing little boy, a teacher of inner city kids, I have a fantastic family who live 5 hours away and a lovely girlfriend. I also like bikes…. a lot.

I’ve had cancer. I’ve had it three times in fact…. Hodgkin’s lymphoma which has been stage 1 once and stage 4 twice. Not so great. To complicate matters further, I also have autoimmune hepatitis. This means I’m immunosuppressed and suffer from fatigue. To add insult to injury, I have neuropathy in my feet pretty badly. So, I very much like to think I’m medically exotic!

On Boxing Day 2016 I found a lump in my neck and I knew that I was ill again. So, 2017 has been mostly spent feeling pretty ropey. Quite a few rounds of chemo left me ‘cancer free’ in August. Great news but unfortunately the treatment left me unable to keep up with my mum walking round Tesco. The fitness I was able to build up by November was then all but wiped out by a week-long stay in hospital with neutropenia and sepsis, which was nice!

So that brings me to January 2018, almost exactly a year on, I’m overweight and nowhere near as fit as I would like to be. I’ve found that chemo, and the accompanying fatigue, have helped me put on weight and I don’t much like it. I’m going to change it.

It’s my intention to use this blog to record my progress and document what I find out about healthy living and eating. I’m aware that there is a huge amount of conflicting information about diet and exercise and I want to try and discover what works for me. I’m very lucky that I have an exceptionally clever person sat next to me who will help me get to the bottom of all of the science stuff!

I’m hoping that by doing this it might become a place for other people who have ‘been a bit poorly’ to get some support and encouragement. It might also help some people who haven’t had illness but can be motivated, because if I can do this I think most people can.

Here goes….

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